A little short story that I decided create after sketching a crow on a tombstone and thinking: "This would be great like one of those Victorian nursery rhymes." Since my English isn't that good to write in the style of Edgar Allan Poe I decided to take for a spin ChatGPT's creative writing ability. Only the text is AI generated, the illustrations were entirely done by my human hand.

So much has been said about AI and its potential impact on our future, especially in the creative fields. I believe that AI can be a helpful tool; after all, we've already been using some form of AI with content-aware tools in Photoshop, for example. But with these generators, things have taken a giant leap forward. For now, people still need to put in some effort to get good results, but it's inevitable that in future iterations, these engines will be able to produce satisfactory outcomes with simple and direct input. This will undoubtedly have a negative impact on creative professions, as it will lead to job cuts and devalue the price of work.
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